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Mold is more dangerous than it is unsightly. The black spots on your walls are nothing but mold proliferating at an alarming rate. However, this pesky intruder is not always visible to the naked eye. Sometimes it is hidden beneath layers of flooring and wall. You cannot detect the presence of mold unless you use specialized equipment. You may notice some change in the indoor air quality or a musty odor inside your home. Other than that, you need a professional to find this clump of mold formation and weed it out from its roots. A complete process involves not just its removal, but also decontamination of your property and deodorization to prevent its recurrence.

Palm Beach Gardens Restoration Expert is a leading expert of mold remediation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL area. We provide end-to-end services that guarantee mold removal and effective restoration thereafter.  If you want your property to be mold-free, then it’s 561-401-0262 you should call.

Inspection and testing:

Visible mold growth does not require testing, so don't let a greedy service provider talk you into getting one. It is only when the mold is invisible, with no outward signs whatsoever, that you need a test. Here are 3 common ways we test the presence of hidden mold: 

  • Surface testing: Surface samples are taken to a laboratory for testing. These tests reveal the amount of mold spores deposited on the surface.
  • Air testing: Air sampling is done to determine the density of mold spores in your indoor air. This sample is then tested under a microscope.
  • Bulk testing: We collect pieces from your property and then conduct a lab exam to determine the type and mold density.

Once we have all we need, our uses combination of its sophisticated equipment to detect the hidden mold and begin remediation efforts.

Remediation and cleaning:

Household cleaners are never enough in completely get rid of mold deposits. Throwing away the infected items and a coat of fresh paint on peeling walls will also not do it. We have an exhaustive remediation process that includes the following steps:

  • Disposing materials: All the materials that are beyond repair are discarded safely
  • Air purification: We remove the musty odor left behind by the mold. Our air filters remove excessive mold spores from your property and improve the indoor air quality
  • Surface cleaning: Surfaces where mold growth happened is treated with EPA-approved chemicals to clean thoroughly and prevent it from occurring again

Restoration and prevention:

Once the last of mold has been removed, we begin our work on the damage that happened as a result of mold formation. Palm Beach Gardens Restoration Expert not only provides damage restoration, but also follows additional steps to prevent its return. 

  • Restoration: If your property needs an extra coat of paint, we finish the job for you. We also repair furniture items and restore them to their pre-loss state 
  • Reconstruction: In case your mold problem is arising due to lack of proper ventilation, we can perform some structural changes to improve the airflow and prevent mold in the future
  • Prevention: We apply mold resistant paint coats and prevent water damage by checking for any hidden leaks

Facing a mold problem at your home in Palm Beach Gardens, FL area? Let us help you get rid of it! Call us at 561-401-0262.