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Water damage caused by leaky pipes seems pretty harmless, unless your home starts to crumble under its own weight and you realize that the damage was much more than what meets the eye. The biggest problem with water damage is that no one takes it seriously until it starts to show serious destruction. Water damage needs immediate mitigation steps to curtail the devastation. If you can act promptly, there is a lot you can avoid! Palm Beach Gardens Restoration Expert is a trusted water damage restoration company in Palm Beach Gardens, FL area that arrives within half an hour of receiving your call. We come equipped with our tools and begin the damage mitigation and restoration process immediately.

Types of water damage you may face:

Overflow and discharge:

This is one of the most common types of water damage. It is mainly caused by dishwasher or washing machine malfunction, overflowing bathtubs, leaky pipes etc. However, it is also the easiest to ignore this issue. But remember, the longer it remains unresolved, the more damage it can do!​

  • What we do?

    Once you call us on 561-401-0262, we send a team to start locating the source of the problem. You may have a leaky faucet or a faulty sprinkler that may cause the flooding. Regardless of the reason, our experts will use their high-end tools to identify the exact leak spot and start by fixing it. Once we have dealt with that issue, we will dry your property with the help of dehumidifiers and dryers that will remove even the smallest traces of moisture in your property. We also provide extensive restoration work to salvage as much of your important items as possible.

Sewage backup

When the dirty water from sewage pipes is pushed back into your home, it can lead to flooding. This type of water is extremely dangerous as it contains disease bacteria and microbes that can cause diseases. This type of water damage is not only bad for your property, but also your health.​

  • What we do?

    To tackle this kind of damage, we look for the source of the problem. Sometimes your drainage system pipes may get blocked that causes the water to backup. In this case, our technicians will locate the pipe lines where the problem originated, fix it. extract the additional water, remove excess moisture and decontaminate with the help of special chemicals.

Flood damage:

Flood damage causes excessive damage to your property and is easily the most destructive of the lot. It can be caused due to natural or manmade causes. When your home is submerged deep into contaminated water, it can bring unspeakable destruction into your safe haven. However, by acting quickly, a lot of this damage can be reversed.

  • What we do?

    Once we evaluate the degree of damage, Palm Beach Gardens Restoration Expert will use its extraction equipment to safely pump out all the water that has been stagnating inside your home. Then we start the drying process to get rid of the moisture. Our next step is to treat all the aspects of your home, from walls to furnishings, with restoration process. We also use special chemicals to get rid of all the toxicity. We try to save the items that can be saved and safely dispose the ones that are beyond repair

Why get your hands dirty in a water damage scenario when you have experts like us in Palm Beach Gardens, FL area? Call 561-401-0262 today!